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High-Quality Academic Japanese Teaching

What You Can Expect From Meko, Vol.1


We are committed to providing high-quality, professional Japanese education for international students with academic advancement needs. Meko can help students better integrate into Japanese society and also establishes a solid language foundation for future academic research and career development.


These are things our students can expect when learning with us:


1. Academic Emphasis

  •    In-depth Grammar Analysis: Systematic learning of Japanese grammar rules, vocabulary, and sentence structures.

  •   Vocabulary Expansion: Focus on diverse and academic-specific vocabulary for exams and future studies.

  •    Reading and Writing Training: Targeted exercises for understanding complex texts and mastering high-level writing skills.



2. Teaching Approach

  •    Professionally Developed Materials: Use of well-reviewed textbooks and materials by a seasoned teaching research team.

  •    Experienced Educators: Our teaching team comprises experienced educators with outstanding language skills.

  •    Meticulously Designed Plans: Carefully crafted teaching plans for gradual mastery of core Japanese knowledge.



3. Exam Preparation

  •    Customized Training Plans: Tailored plans to address challenges in exams like JLPT, EJU, and university internal exams.

  •    Mock Exams and Q&A Sessions: Scientific course progress design to ensure confidence in handling exams.



4. Support Beyond Courses

  •    Document Preparation Assistance: Guidance on crucial documents like "Statement of Purpose" and "Research Plan."

  •    Senior Insights: Discussions with successful seniors from reputable institutions for valuable experiences.


5. Comprehensive Language Abilities

  •   Active Application: Emphasis on listening, speaking, reading, and writing in daily life for better integration into Japanese society.

  •   Academic Foundation: Establishment of a strong language foundation for future academic pursuits and career development.




Regarding teaching materials, we use professionally developed materials by teaching research team and various well-reviewed Japanese language textbooks. We prioritize interesting, systematic, and scientific approaches to assist students in efficient learning.


In addition to solid language teaching, we customize training plans for students to help them cope with various exam challenges.


We emphasize cultivating students' comprehensive language abilities, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing, encouraging active application of acquired knowledge in daily life to enhance their language proficiency. Whether you’re preparing to pursuit higher education or looking to expand job opportunities, we can help you to reach your goal efficiently.