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Internal Referral Pathway for Higher Education

What You Can Expect From Meko, Vol.3


Internal Recommended Pathway for Further Education


Our Japanese language school takes the comprehensive growth of students as its mission. To achieve this, we have carefully crafted a unique internal recommended pathway for further education, allowing students to open broader future possibilities while learning the language. In our meticulously designed Japanese courses, students not only acquire language skills but also take the first step towards professional and academic success.




As the root of Meko Japanese Language SchoolMeko Education Group has accumulated years of educational experience and possess a rich array of university resources, including over 40 institutions such as Shibaura Institute of Technology, Takushoku University, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, Tama University and more.


In addition, our sister schools also provide internal pathway for MJLS grads, aiming a smoother transition to top universities.





These resources provide our students with special designated school recommendation quotas, ensuring they can smoothly enter their desired universities and opening a convenient and bright gateway for their future academic journey.


Our education and advancement team thoroughly analyzes the specific situations of each student, collaboratively devising personalized development plans. All application materials submitted by students for designated schools will be guided and revised by experienced Japanese teachers from our prestigious institution. Prior to exams, we arrange one-on-one VIP interview coaching, and recommendation letters are personally written by Japanese teachers from our renowned institution.



Choosing our Japanese language school means not only learning high-quality Japanese but also receiving unprecedented support on the path to further education. We provide each student with a platform to deepen their language skills, explore academics, and expand future possibilities. Let us embark on this challenging yet fulfilling learning journey together, opening a broader chapter in our lives.