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MEKO at GaijinPot Expo 2023


 Team MEKO at GaijinPot Expo


This past Saturday, our team was at the GaijinPot Expo, an awesome gig for foreigners in Japan hunting for new opportunities and insider information. Standing around and chatting about our schools for a solid 5 hours was way more exhausting than we imagined, but hey, the fun totally exceeded expectations!

Between the free popcorn and the vibrant atmosphere, we had a blast connecting with local companies and exchanging ideas with every person who stopped by our booth. And guess what? Our neighbors were from the 久保田 Japanese sake, so we got to taste their incredible sake. Cheers to that!

Orange Modern Giveaway Instagram Post.png

We had a giveaway at our booth for everyone who helped filling out the survey. Out of 49 participants, the three lucky winners are:

🎉1st Place: 3000円 Starbucks Gift card goes to― Nykeima Roberts

🎉2nd Place: Hedgehog Eco Warmer goes to― Sabastian O‘Brien 

🎉3rd Place: 2000円 Starbucks Gift card goes to―Chelli Abariso

We will send an email notification to the winners and everyone who participated. Congrats!