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Japanese & Manga, Grab a Copy of <巡り会い> !



Following the success of "New Discovery," Meko's original Japanese language textbook, <巡り会い> was published under the supervision of our dedicated faculty and in collaboration with renowned universities.

Entirely written in Japanese, this textbook is more intensive than others. However, the manga elements and real-life conversation practices make each chapter easy to follow and enjoyable to read aloud.


Our blend of manga charm and professional language expertise is a game-changer, motivating language students to immerse themselves in the Japanese language and culture.

Special thanks to ひつじ書房, our publisher, for working with us to bring this vision to life.


Feel free to flip through the pages if you spot our book at your local bookstore. We appreciate your support! This book may also be added to our future teaching curriculum, so stay tuned!