About MEKO

Established in 2004, Meko Education has maintained its values over nearly two decades in the industry. With dedication and professionalism, we've helped over 3,000 students graduate with satisfaction and qualifications.

Meko, along with five sister schools, has a renowned reputation, leading to exclusive application programs with over 20 local colleges and universities for Meko graduates.

Our alumni thrive in top Japanese universities and various industries. We celebrate individuality and provide the vision and resources for students to explore unforeseen possibilities.

About Us
About Us
Special Offers
MEKO Exclusive Offers
Free Consultation
MEKO offers personalized consultations to anyone who wants to study or work in Japan. Our staff will review your profile and discuss possible ways to execute your plans. With over 20 years of experience, we guarantee there will be no information gaps, we will provide you with the fastest, easiest, and most budget-friendly way to come to Japan.
Thorough Student Support
From airport pickup to mobile phone registration, we’ve thought of every possible obstacle that our students might encounter and provide support throughout their journey. Our English-speaking student support staffs will be available during regular school hours and are able to assist important tasks when needed. Together, we learn and grow as one big family.
Exclusive Resources
Under our flagship, we have colleges of animation, fashion, and business that offer exclusive and complimentary workshops and trial courses to our language school students. Moreover, language school graduates receive valuable letters of reference, enhancing their eligibility for enrollment in these colleges. This is a perfect starting point for you to explore your interest and unleash possibilities.
Career Support For Your Success
At Meko Education, our dedicated career support team assists students in their quest for employment opportunities. As part of our extended family, you will have access to both part-time and full-time positions at our very own international kindergarten. For eligible students, visa sponsorship is also available, making your journey towards career fulfillment smooth and rewarding.
MEKO loves to see our students thrive, and we have established these incentives to encourage our students to give their best and reward those who excel.
Top University Extinctive Scholarships
For students accepted to The University of Tokyo and Kyoto University.
Student Excellence Scholarship
For students enrolled in MEKO Japanese Language School and achieve excellent results in EJU or JLPT (EJU 350 or JLPT N1).
Perfect Attendance Scholarship
For students enrolled in MEKO Japanese Language School Group with a student visa and maintain a 100% attendance rate for one year.
Top University Scholarship
For students accepted to: Tohoku University, Osaka University, Hokkaido University, Kyushu University, Nagoya University, Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo University of the Arts, Waseda University, Keio University, Musashino Art University, Tama Art University.
Teacher’s Recognition Scholarship
(only one student per year)
This scholarship recognizes students who demonstrate outstanding academic performance (both grades and attendance), show high motivation for learning, and serve as positive role models for other students. *Only long-term students with student visa are eligible
  • All scholarships are available only to students with an attendance rate of 95% or higher.
  • Applicants' performance throughout their enrollment will be fully evaluated for all scholarships.
  • Students who violate the school's regulations will not be considered.
  • Only students with an enrollment period of six months or longer are eligible to apply.
For other scholarship & financial aid from local organizations, please visit Japan Student Services
Organization (JASSO): https://www.jasso.go.jp/shogakukin/about/index.html
Meko will always stand behind our hard-working students. We are well-equipped to assist you along the journey you choose to take—all you need to do is take the first step.
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