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Planning for Your Educational Journey

If you're planning to pursue higher education in Japan, our team is here to help you navigate the unique educational system and enhance your language and academic skills for success.

Whether you're aiming for undergraduate or graduate degrees, you will be facing the challenges of EJU and JLPT exams, university entrance interviews, etc. Understanding the specific requirements is crucial for international students.We recommend dedicating at least one year to the study of the Japanese language to prepare for the upcoming challenges.

Academic Advancement Flowchart
*Graduate with college diploma or continue studies in university
Student Achievements

At Meko Japanese Language School, we teach beyond everyday Japanese. Our goal is to ensure students attain Japanese proficiency and establish clear academic pathways. In addition, our sister institution, Meko Academy, provides personalized tutoring and training to help our students overcome the challenges of university entrance exams, interviews, and more.

With our support and professional insights, our students are able to achieve their academic goals with the peace of mind. Take a look at how they did!

Acceptance Statistics of Top Universities
* (Unit: number of students) These statistics include students who received tutoring and training at Meko Academy.
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Student Voice
Yuhan Zheng
Kyoto Seika University
Character Design
Thrilled to secure an offer from Kyoto Seika University, turning my drawing hobby into a career. Meko Japanese Language School's transformative environment and tailored tutoring from Mebi, played a key role in my acceptance at Seika. I sincerely recommend Meko Education for their expertise in Japanese education and understanding of students' needs.
Ziyi Zhao
The University of Tokyo
Mechanical Science
I always dreamed of studying in Japan, but getting accepted by my dream university was a surprise. Right from the start, even when I was still in my home country, Meko's staffs and teachers guided me in the right direction. Japan has so much to offer, and growing with Meko was a blast.
Yida Lee
Nihon University
Graduating from Meko Japanese Language School has been an inspiring journey. The visible transformation and growth within our motivated class have been fulfilling. I was initially accepted by Seika University last year, then I realized that my passion lies in sculpture. The dedicated staff at Meko were able to guide me in the right direction.
Han Wu
WASEDA University
Educational Psychology
Japanese language fluency is crucial for my chosen major, and the teachers at Meko ensured I grasped the requirements and supported me through the application process from the very beginning. Having a clear goal kept me motivated. The positive learning environment at Meko played a significant role in maintaining my momentum.
From the Principal's Desk
Immerse yourself in the enriching experience we offer, not just in language but in the culture that surrounds it. The path to higher education is paved with opportunities, Meko Education along with our sister schools serve as gateways to the academic world of Japan. Trust in the process; trust in your journey with Meko. Let the language, culture, and the personal connections you forge here be the compass guiding you to the doors of higher education and success. At Meko, it's not just about learning Japanese; it's about crafting a narrative that extends beyond,echoing your personal and academic aspirations