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"New Discovery 3" - First Batch Has Arrived!

"New Discovery 3" - First Batch Has Arrived!

Oct 15th, 2023


We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you. On October 13th, we received the very first batch of print copies of our latest creation, "New Discovery 3."


This marks the third edition in our 'New Discovery' series. Just like the first two books, "New Discovery 3" has been carefully crafted by the same dedicated team of language experts, all in a quest to bring you the best learning experience possible.


Now, let's dive into what "New Discovery 3" brings to the table.


Our book offers a unique approach to mastering Japanese by presenting "real-life" language that extends beyond the confines of typical textbooks. The goal here is simple: to help our readers talk like a native speaker.


Inside the book, you'll encounter scenarios in the practice and manga sections that closely mirror everyday situations. It's a practical guide with cultural awareness in mind.


Last year, Meko Education made a significant impact with our innovative Japanese teaching materials. Our blend of manga charm and professional language expertise was a game-changer. The 'New Discovery' series received numerous positive reviews from our readers and students.


Fast forward to today, we've expanded our team, and we've been diligently working to enhance our offering. Our team now includes skilled writers and editors, language consultants, talented cartoonists, graphic designers, and other devoted publishing experts. Each book represents a year of collective effort and collective wisdom.




We are genuinely looking forward to introducing "New Discovery 3" to our readers and students. Stay tuned for the official introduction of this valuable resource. Your path to mastering Japanese just got a little easier.